Graphic Designer / Photographer



My name is Rohan Beal and I am a graphic designer, photographer, baker, movie buff and Kiwi!

Born and raised in NZ, I left at the young age of 17 to see what the world had to offer. It ended up offering 18 years in the United States studying and working as a Graphic Designer.

I am passionate about creating things that not only look good but that will leave an impression with my audience. I am highly competent in many aspects of design including but not limited to packaging design, mailers and brochures, catalogs, product development, photography, print production, management and finishing art. 

After living in New Zealand the past 4 years, I recently had the opportunity to move permanently to the States and am currently based in Portland, Oregon.

If you would like to contact me please shoot me a message below, Cheers!

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